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Pangea World Globe | Limited Edition

Prezzo scontato$7,000.00

Introducing the Pangea 80cm diameter Large World Globe

A mesmerizing portal to an ancient era.

Behold the supercontinent of Pangea as it once was, seamlessly merging continents and unveiling the Earth's prehistoric past. This captivating globe invites you to witness the awe-inspiring convergence of landmasses, igniting curiosity about the geological forces that shaped our world. Trace the footsteps of dinosaurs and explore a time when Earth's continents danced to a different rhythm. Perfect for history buffs, educators, and curious minds, this Pangea-centric globe offers a unique glimpse into our planet's captivating history. Embark on a journey through time and space with this extraordinary depiction of our planet's distant past.

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The 30cm and 50cm globes come with a hardwood support that fits on a desk.  The 80cm globes come with a tall hardwood pedestal. For personalized requests please contact us. 

World Globe Diameter:
Pangea World Globe | Limited Edition Prezzo scontato$7,000.00