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The Ancient World Globe

Prezzo scontato$5,500.00

A brand new large world globe that has both modern day country borders and also a few interesting historical easter-eggs in the form of travel routes, ancient ships and long lost cities. It is a truly unique handmade artwork that enriches any space.

Explore the ancient world with our meticulously crafted old globe, a timeless piece that exudes vintage charm. Featuring intricate ship illustrations and the travel routes of famous explorers from history, this classical globe brings the spirit of adventure to your space. Embark on a journey through the ages as you trace the footsteps of legendary explorers and discover the wonders of civilizations past. Add a touch of nostalgia and sophistication to your home or office with our exquisite vintage globe / antique globe, a tribute to the timeless allure of exploration and discovery.

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The Ancient World Globe - vintage map - large world globe
The Ancient World Globe Prezzo scontato$5,500.00