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Time Traveler Rotating Globe with Stand | Limited Edition

Preț redus$7,000.00

The iconic Rotating World Globe stands on customizable pedestals symbolized the stunning human creativity and passionate artwork that brings geography to life.

It is not just a world globe map!

It's a time traveler machine that  reveals the rise and fall of the world's mightiest empire's power and the epic journey of famous explorers who reshape the world map.

Benefits of The Time Traveler Spinning World Globe

  • Discover Historical Insights: The breath-taking view of this world Globe presenting key historical events starting from ancient Rome’s expansion to the Silk Road's connecting east and west serve as an enriching resource for anyone who loves to delve into the past.
  • Explorer's Map: Intensify your curiosity to explore the epic voyages of legendary explorers like Magellan, Columbus, and Zheng He which will help you learn more about historical exploration in a fun and visually interesting way.
  • Dynamic Display: With its customized 30cm, 50cm desk globe and 80cm diameter floor standing globe making it a perfect decorative globe for homes, offices, and educational institutions.
  • Educational Tool: Invaluable resources for any educational institutions, educators and any other organization that are willing to know the birth of civilizations, flow of cultural milestones.
  • Interactive Learning: Unlike traditional maps, the 360 degree spinning planet globe allows for an interactive exploration of geography and history. It serves as a portal to the past for map enthusiasts.
  • Made to Last: Our each and every world globe designed by expert cartographer with laser focus precision and using high-quality materials to ensure that it remains a valuable part of your home or office for years to come.


  • Diameter: 80cm for the floor-standing model; 30cm and 50cm for desktop models.

  • Material: High-quality hardwood pedestal for the 80cm version and hardwood support for desktop versions.

  • Features: Rotating mechanism, detailed cartography, historical insights.

Step into the past and explore the world like never before. 

Order your Personalized Time Traveler Rotating World Globe with Stand today!

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World Globe Diameter :
Time Traveler Rotating Globe with Stand | Limited Edition
Time Traveler Rotating Globe with Stand | Limited Edition Preț redus$7,000.00