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Some of the most beautiful Large Globes in the World

At Large World Globes Inc. we are passionate about creating the most detailed and the most beautiful globes on the planet. With 3D topography and detailed satellite imagery, natural environment colors and thousands of labels, our unique handmade large globes will inspire, intrigue and arouse anyone's curiosity to search and discover more about our fascinating blue planet. More than just educational tools, our bespoke globes are visually stunning and inspiring. If you are looking for the most accurate custom globe on the market, you'll find what you are searching for at Large World Globes. Here, we craft awe-inspiring custom globes that are surely among the most precise and beautiful you'll find anywhere.

large world globes

Hand-crafted, custom globes for your home, school or office

Ever since the first known terrestrial globes were fashioned by cartographer and merchant Martin Behaim and painter Georg Glockendon circa 1492 in Nuremberg, Germany, people have enjoyed learning from spherical models of our planet Earth. Unlike two-dimensional maps, which tend to distort the proportions of the Earth's surface, three-dimensional globes represent all the places on the earth at scale, presenting an accurate view of the states, countries, continents, oceans and seas that make up our world's places. Even with the level of precision of today's online maps, there's nothing quite like a beautiful globe you can spin through your hands, traveling the entire surface of the planet by fingertip in just a few seconds. A globe is the only truly accurate representation of our spherical planet. No flat image can ever be an accurate representation of the Earth. Even the Mercator projection commonly used with two dimensional maps is as flaws, as countries near the north and south pole look bigger than they are in reality. Other flat projections run into similar issues. The only real solution is a globe.

Large, accurate topographical globes

Our gorgeous "Blue Planet" globes offer almost as breath-taking a view of our blue planet as the views accessible only to the astronauts who have experienced orbiting the earth from above. With detailed 3D topography and thousands of labels, our unique handmade globes will pique anyone's curiosity to search and discover more about our fascinating blue planet. To ensure the accuracy of our handcrafted Blue Planet globes, our globemakers use the most up-to-date, high resolution satellite imagery, allowing our globemakers to depict real world environments with distinct environmental zones and terrain with natural colors, textures, shadows and 3D mountains. Each globe boasts a generous 80-centimeter diameter, with vibrant colors using natural pigments matching the Earth's different environments and a unique glass-like lacquer finish that makes it durable, dustproof, waterproof, with an eye-catching sheen.

Educational fun for the whole family

Every member of your household or school will enjoy having access to a quality globe. Globes provide a fantastic, hands-on way for children to learn about geography. Globes are especially helpful for those tactile and visual learners who need to see and touch to understand. Children of all ages will delight in spinning the vibrant, topographical Blue Planet globe as they memorize the different geographical locations, scan each the deep blue of the oceans and seas and run their fingers over the peaks and valleys across every mountain range. This is true interactive learning -- no screens or chargers required!

Beautiful, accurate geographical globes for every space and situation

Ready to add a gorgeous, handcrafted geographical globe to your life? Whether you need a globe for your home, office, school classroom, or a public space like a library or civic center, you will delight in our affordable, large topographical globes. View our gallery to learn more.

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the biggest globes money can buy
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the biggest globes money can buy
Fun Facts about Globes

A Globe is the only truly accurate world map. The Earth is a sphere so no flat image can ever truly be an accurate representation of it. The Mercator projection is the most common type of world map but it has some big problems, countries near the north and south pole look much bigger then what they really are, for example on the Mercator projection, Africa and Greenland are similar in size, but in reality Africa is over 14 times larger. Other flat projections run into similar issues. So if you want to know the true size of our world, nothing beats the accuracy of a globe!
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